Walia Lab

University of Nebraska Lincoln

Malachy Campbell
B.S., Rutgers University
"It's Sarah's problem now."
Research: Stress tolerance in rice and wheat

Sarah Blecha
B.S., Horticulture at UNL
"AKA the new Dante."
Research: Drought tolerance in wheat

Jaspreet Sandhu
B.Sc., Biotechnology, Punjab Agricultural University, India
Research: Drought tolerance in rice

Aaron Schmitz
Ph.D., Michigan State University

Research: Rice submergence tolerance

Alexandre Grondin
M.Sc., University of Montpellier, France
Ph.D., SUPAGRO, Montpellier, France Post-Doc: International Rice Research Institute

Research: Drough tolerance in rice

Kenny McFarland
UCARE Program

Larissa Irvin
Undergraduate Researcher
"I don't want a picture or a quote -- No don't type that."

Mackenzie Irvine
Undergraduate Researcher

Avi Knecht
Undergraduate Researcher

Jing Jin
Ph.D., Iowa State University

Research: Rice drought tolerance

Narendra Gupta
Visiting Professor, Rajasthan Agricultural University

Research: Wheat drought tolerance

Dante Placido
M.S., San Francisco State Univ.

Research: Wheat drought tolerance and root traits

Chen Chen
Ph.D., Shanghai Institute of Plant Physiology and Ecology, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Research: Rice drought tolerance

Sandeep Sharma
Ph.D., Banaras Hindu University

Research: Rice salinity stress

Kevin Begcy M.S., Univ. of Campinas, Brazil

Research: Drought tolerance in rice and wheat

The Lab Constant
"Data paper, paper data."

Harkamal Walia
Plant Molecular Physiologist